Orcus Remote Administrator – Final Press Release

January 16th 2019

For immediate press release

               As it may come as no surprise to those close to the heart of the Orcus Project.  Today we officially announce the retirement of the Orcus Remote Administrator Project.  As of April 2019 it would have marked 3 successful years of operation of Orcus Technologies, LLP, and development of the Orcus Platform.

               We at Orcus Technologies wish to thank each and every one of our loyal customers and subscribers for your support, loyalty and help in development to what has become one of the most flexible, diverse and multi lingual Remote Administrative tools made available to the market.


Existing Customers:

               For all existing customers.  The license servers and management domain will be maintained for one more renewal period.  This is being done to allow all existing customers to either switch over to the null, license free version being made available today.  Or to migrate over to another management software.  No more HWID resets, or account recoveries will be performed as it simply is no longer valid.


               Just because the Orcus project is not actively being officially developed any longer does not mean you can not be creative!  On final official release we are including all the original development tools and documentation provided for Orcus plugin and function development.  It is our hope with the inclusion of these tools, developers may continue the Spirit of Orcus and continue to create unique and creative functions and features.

Malware Researchers / IT Security / Anti Viral Vendors

               Today we also release our central form of management over Malicious use.  The application which I have come to simply call the kill switch, but more appropriately named Emergency Shut down allows the user to remotely shut down and lock out any Orcus control server.  We only request this application be used responsibly and that legitimate Orcus servers not be targeted.


               Do you want to carry the Orcus legacy on?  We may be contacted to discuss sale of Ownership and rights to the Orcus Technologies brand and intellectual properties.  Please feel free to E-mail us at [email protected] to discuss.

               We here at Orcus Technologies would like to once again thank everyone for an exciting and successful 3 years of Services and Business, and wish everyone the best in their future endeavors.