Create a new language

It is really easy to create a new language for Orcus. To do so you need the default Orcus package (doesn’t matter if it’s registered or not).

Open the Language Creator

To open the Language Creator, just start the administration with the parameter /languageCreator. You can do that with the Windows Explorer: Language Creator Explorer Path

Create a new language

After the language creator opened, go to File > New and you will see four columns. The first column is the key for the translated word(s) and describes that a little bit. The second column is the english, the third one the german translation. The last column is empty and you can fill in your own words.


You can always save and open your translation file again to continue. To save the file, you have to select the culture of your language, that’s just the language you’re creating.


  • Some words seem like duplicates. That happens when there is the same word in one language for two words in another language. If you don’t know english and german, you should probably check with Google Translate
  • There are often placeholders like {0}. The program won’t crash if you don’t use them in your translation but it would be good to use them.
  • Parts you don’t translate will be automatically filled with the english word. If you don’t know some parts, just leave them blank

See your language in action

If you want to see your language in action, create a new folder called languages in the Orcus folder and put the xaml file inside it. Restart Orcus and you are able to select your language in settings. It’s important that you don’t change the file name, it should look like

When you are finished…

… and you want to add your language to the main package of Orcus, create a ticket at and let us know what you’ve done. If everything is good, the language will be added in a new update and you will be named in the about dialog with a link to your profil (twitter, facebook, …).

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