Orcus Update 1.9

After some problems with our licensing server, we can finally announce that the update 1.9 is published with a delay of 2 weeks. This update mainly aims at improving what already exists but we also added a new command, the Clipboard Manager. Check out our changelog:


  • Add Namecheap DNS updater
  • Add Active Static Commands
    • Can be found in Crowd Control, can be used like a normal command
    • The active commands are not commands which get sent, executed and succeed or fail but commands which could execute forever, without a specific result
    • New tab when creating task “Active” where you can define the duration of the command or a different stop event
    • Active Commands which are currently executed and can be found in Crowd Control in a new group
    • Executing commands can either be stopped for all clients or only for specific clients; you can see the clients which currently execute the command in Crowd Control
    • Active Commands do not depent on the server or user session, they will continue executing when the client looses the connection or when the client restarts the computer (if no other stop event was selected)
  • Add archive options to file explorer
    • Option to pack files/folders with zip, tar, gz, bz2
      • Select password, compression level
    • Extract zip, tar, gz, bz2, lzw
  • New file explorer mechanism “Processing Entries”
    • Show uploading files, downloading files and packing files in the file list with a progressbar as background
    • Option to cancel the process
    • Session independent (you can still see them if you log into the client again or if another administration connects)
  • Add option to file explorer “Download file from url to remote computer”


  • Clients check regulary if the server they are connected to is still online (every 5 minutes)
  • Translate Static Commands to german
  • Change logging system for the servers
    • Add new log type “Debug” and a lot of new log calls
    • Advanced logs will now be saved in the log file
      • Log files will automatically be archived when they reach a size of 10 MiB
      • Maximum of archived log files is set to 10 -> old logs are automatically deleted
    • Add colored output to both, GUI and console
    • Show more detailed logs, include the name of code part which created the message
    • Allow log configuration in NLog.config
  • Add more checks to the builder which prevent unexpected behavior
  • Correctly enable/disable autostart options in the GUI


  • When loading a build configuration, fragments in Builder > Installation were moved to the wrong place
  • Fix typo in the title of the console server
  • Fix some typos in the administration/everywhere
  • Fix bug when loading remote desktop information
  • Fix bug in file explorer when downloading a very small file which didn’t complete
  • Fix bug in file explorer when downloading huge directories
  • Fix exception in Orcus when comparing the hash of a plugin
  • Fix Mozilla Firefox password recovery


Part Version
Administration 1.9
Server Internal 1.13
Server API 9
Client 19
Client API 5


Here you can check out a new mode of the entries found in File Explorer “processing entry”. That means that the entry is displayed but does not already exist or is in progress. On the screenshot you can see a file which gets downloaded on the remote computer with a progress bar in background and the changing file size on the left:

Now you can create zip archives in the file explorer (you can aswell create tar, gz and bz2 archives):

A new tab was added “Clipboard Manager”. It allows you to view the current clipboard content, update it automatically on change and modify the data:

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