Setup concurrent RDP

Step 1: Download Concurrent RDP plugin

Start the Orcus administration and click on the button found on the title bar Plugins. Move to the Browse tab, search for the Concurrent RDP plugin and click on the download button:

Step 2: Install the concurrent RDP plugin on a remote system

It is important that the client is running with administrator permissions for the plugin to install. This is only required once for every client. Navigate in the command list to Concurrent RDP and you should see something like this:

Now, you just have to press on the Install button and wait. Please be patient, it might take a while to setup the remote computer. When all milestones are green, we can continue:

Step 3: Connect to the remote computer

To connect to the remote computer, we have to setup a Reverse Proxy (you can for sure also make a direct connection to the ip address of the computer if the firewall/router settings allow that). We navigate in the command list to Reverse Proxy and just press Start Listening:

Now we come to a problem: The builtin Remote Desktop client does not support proxies (else we could now just connect to the reverse proxy). We have to use an extra tool which can make programs compatible to proxies.

Using SocksCap64 (free & open source)

You can download SocksCap64 here. After you started the application, click on the arrow beside Apps and on Add an executable file:

We now create a new application profile: Profile Name: Windows Remote Desktop Connection Command Line: C:\Windows\System32\mstsc.exe

Just click on Ok if you put these information in the text fields and it should add a new icon to the list. Now we have to add our reverse proxy from Orcus. Click on Proxy, make a right click in the list -> Add new proxy and fill in the information from Orcus, in our case Proxy Address: Port: 3128

After we added and configured the proxy, we can close the window and run the application:

Now we come to a new problem: Technically, we should now just connect to in Windows Remote Desktop Connection and everything should work -> but that would be too easy; if we do so, we get an error. As suggested here, we have to connect to the LAN ip address of that computer. We can easily find out the ip address in Orcus using the Information -> Computer command:

Now we are ready to connect: (the credentials of the created user account are found in the Concurrent RDP command)

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