Mis Use of Software and Clean Up Procedure.

It has come to our attention recently Orcus has and/or was utilized in malicious purposes.  With the added cooperation of specific entities we were able to easily Identify over 70+ license holders which MD5 checksums are verified as malicious in intent. Source

Further, it has also come to our attention of a recent article which brought to light a new deployment method, which was never intended. Bitcoin Scam Using Orcus as Deployment

Upon discovery and further investigation of this incident I took a direct and personal dedicated look in to everything and was able at successfully shut down the control server, and purge all affect machines.

The offending user has been shut down, and logged to authorities.


I again request all Malware researchers, Antiviral Developers, and the Security Like Minded to report malicious Orcus binaries so I may action them.

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