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Setup Orcus Server on a Linux system

The CLI version (CommandLine) of the Orcus server is¬†compatible with Mono, a .Net Framework for Linux systems/OSX. That allows you to run the application on Linux if Mono is installed. This tutorial will show you how to install Mono and how to setup the server on a Linux VPS. First, the Linux system/version is important, […]

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Create a new language

It is really easy to create a new language for Orcus. To do so you need the default Orcus package (doesn’t matter if it’s registered or not). Open the Language Creator To open the Language Creator, just start the administration with the parameter /languageCreator. You can do that with the Windows Explorer: Create a new […]

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Orcus Update 1.5

This update targets at improving already existing things. The taskmanager was completely reworked and the accent color is now changeable (was set to blue before). Another focus was on opening the commands in separate windows which is much easier now.

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