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Domain issues

As many may have noticed our primary domain had some issues the last 2 months recently. Please rest assured Orcus Technologies is still in business and online.  I am currently in the process of a new site and infrastructure for the web end, so please be patient.

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Orcus Site v.2.0

Orcus Is currently working on a new website. in preparation for v.2.0. Currently the payment gateways are functional and support is online.  Please be patient with us through this transition.   Regards

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Ban Wave

As of November 20th 2017, I have effectively closed 70+ Orcus licenses due to new information provided towards malicious use of the software. Use of MD5 checksums and AV vendor detection confirmation allowed me to effectively shut down numerous malicious networks which were inadvertently affected by malicious customers. Orcus Technologies has taken all possible measures […]

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